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“I had elevated blood pressure” – David, Canada

“My doctor said that I had elevated blood pressure and that I should be monitoring it regularly. My situation was actually what was called ‘white coat syndrome’. Basically, every time I would visit the doctor’s office I would somehow get anxious and my blood pressure would rise.

I decided that I had to get myself something that was easy to use and fit my everyday lifestyle. I’m an athlete and a marathon runner, I rely heavily upon statistics and knowing exactly what is going on with my body.

Most devices that I looked into were big and bulky and in my mind didn’t have great ratings. They seemed like they were from a different generation. QardioArm on the other hand, had a slick design, was compact, and used a simple, feature-rich application on the iPhone. I did my research and then decided to order online directly from Qardio.

I must say that set up was a breeze. I follow the simple instructions and it has been working ever since. QardioArm gives you the opportunity to take one or multiple readings at any time, they are fast accurate and in my case proved that my elevated blood pressure was actually just white coat syndrome.

I now use QardioArm every single day and it automatically keeps an automatic log and tells me that I am OK. I can even share my records with my doctor or my family. I would highly recommend this product to anyone considering purchasing a quality blood pressure meter. It is very compact – you could take it on a vacation or take it to work. I’m 100% certain you’ll be as pleased as I am.”

David, Canada

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