qardio app healthkit


QardioArm, the blood pressure monitor you can use anytime, anywhere, is the first medical device to offer integration with Apple’s Health App on the App Store. The Qardio App and Apple’s HealthKit work together, enabling the sharing of blood pressure, heart rate and other health data. Apple’s Health app lets users access all their health and wellness information in one place and keep it under control.

With Qardio App’s support for Apple’s Health, users have all the conveniences and accuracy of the QardioArm blood pressure monitor, and even more powerful ways to use their health and wellness data. Now it is even easier for those who have been using other blood pressure monitors to migrate their data and start using the QardioArm.

In order to protect the privacy of health and wellness data, the Qardio App data sharing with Health is turned off by default. For more details see our Health support page here. The Qardio App works with iOS 7.0 or later, while support for Health requires iOS 8.0.2. The Qardio App is available for download now here.