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What’s the difference between a Holter monitor and QardioCore?

Have you ever needed to monitor your heart for a prolonged period of time? If you have experienced a stroke or heart attack symptoms or if you suffer from suspect heart problems or arrhythmias such as the very common atrial fibrillation, chances are your doctor has suggested to use a Holter monitor to have a closer look at your heart. Holter monitors are medical heart recorders that use wires and patches to capture the electrical signal around your heart by performing a continuous electrocardiogram, also called ECG, test to see if your heart is working as it should be.

Qardio’s mission is to innovate medical devices, especially those used for tracking heart health, and our product QardioCore was developed to replace the messy, hard-to-use Holter monitor, and offer a better solution to those who want to monitor their heart health outside their doctor’s office and without needing to compromise their lifestyle. See how QardioCore differs from the traditional Holter monitor and how you can use it to get better heart health analysis easily.

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QardioCore is readily available outside your doctor’s office

Holter monitoring is usually recommended and administered by a doctor. Because a Holter monitor needs to be properly set-up and the patient’s skin needs preparation too, it is done during a doctor’s visit. At the end of the monitoring period, the Holter monitor needs to be detached from your torso and the memory stick or cartridge needs to be retrieved and sent for ECG analysis, again done in the doctor’s office. On the other hand, none of this is needed when using QardioCore, which you can put on in the comfort of your own home, saving you time and money on doctor’s visits.

QardioCore is gentle to your skin

A traditional Holter monitors consist of patches applied to your skin on your torso. Special preparation is required for application, such as shaving the area for men and applying gels. As a result of wearing the electrodes used by a Holter monitor, temporary or even permanent skin damage can occur. The longer you are required to wear your Holter monitor for, the more likely the skin will become irritated or damaged. QardioCore is the perfect heart monitoring solution for those with sensitive skin or looking to avoid skin damage. QardioCore does not require any skin preparation, is easy to apply and gentle on the skin. QardioCore is worn just like a fitness heart rate monitor, and unlike a Holter monitor, it is even sweat and water-resistant. Because QardioCore does not cause damage to the skin, it can be worn for the period of time your doctor requires without sacrificing comfort.

QardioCore doesn’t require wires and patches

Not only is QardioCore gentle on the skin, it is comfortable and convenient to wear continuously as it doesn’t need the messy wires and patches required by a Holter monitor. This means QardioCore can be worn comfortably and discreetly under your everyday clothes and during any activity, meaning heart monitoring anytime, anywhere without disrupting your normal life.

QardioCore communicates the data in real time

All of the ECG and heart monitoring data recorded by QardioCore can be automatically shared with the user’s doctor, allowing them to view their patient’s ECG remotely. With a Holter Monitor, ECG data is sent away for analysis after the recording period is finished. The real time data sharing and analysis offered by QardioCore creates a better way to monitor chronic conditions and opportunity for more timely intervention.

QardioCore provides additional important vital data that Holter doesn’t

Unlike a traditional Holter monitor, QardioCore can be used for long-term monitoring and as a convenient way to practice preventive care. It allows its users to build a heart health baseline and share the data with their healthcare provider to monitor any changes over time and hence spot problems early on, before they develop into serious medical conditions.

QardioCore was designed to tackle the difficulty of using Holter monitor by using innovative technologies, smart sensors and design that fits the daily life of a modern user. If you are serious about your heart health, have a family predisposition to develop a heart problem or simply want to be proactive when it comes to your health, QardioCore offers a easily way to look after your heart and share the data with your doctor. See how here:

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