Live happier & healthier with QardioArm at Walgreens

Live happier & healthier with QardioArm at Walgreens

We are excited to announce that QardioArm wireless blood pressure monitor is now available to buy at Walgreens at walgreens.com.


QardioArm smart blood pressure monitor brings Walgreens customers a more convenient way of tracking heart health that fits effortlessly into everyday life, syncing blood pressure and heart rate data directly to iOS and Android devices.

Walgreens Balance Rewards members can even earn points for every daily blood pressure measurement they take with their QardioArm wireless blood pressure monitor as they work towards a healthier lifestyle with Qardio.

With Walgreens Balance Rewards, you can redeem points towards your next purchase at Walgreens and stay connected with the active community for motivation and participate in local events with friends. Already a Balance Rewards member? Connect your QardioArm to your account to begin earning points today.